Yasmine Espiritu – Marian Rivera lookalike

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I’m not really into showbiz, but while reading today’s newspaper about how helpful and effective a treatment for eczema is to a lot of people. Suddenly I saw Alfred Vargas with Marian Rivera? Are they the newest loveteam? Nahh!

Well even if you’re not updated with showbiz, you should know that Marian’s true partner is Dingdong right? And it would be a surprise if you saw a photo where Alfred’s arm is over Marian’s shoulder? hehe!

Before my hypothesis gets deeper, I began to read what the real story is. Then I realize that it wasn’t really Marian Rivera… but someone who looked like her but arguably look better than her (*cough* as indicated in the youtube comments, *cough*… and I agree :)).

The girl in the newspaper with Alfred is his Girlfriend. Her name is “Yasmine Espiritu” an Italian Citizen, which is half Filipina. I then checked the internet for more infos and it turned out that it’s not just me who thought of “Yasmine Espiritu” as “Marian Rivera” look-alike, it’s even televised :).  For more of the scoop, check out the video and envy Mr. Alfred Vargas (Like I do :)).

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Posted on June 5, 2011

I also thought that it was Marian Rivera when I first saw it at Yahoo news. I thought Marian and Alfred has upcoming project or there are new intrigues in showbiz. I thought picture is not true, it was a two picture combined to make new issues between the two celebrity because the two girls has different complexion (Marian and Yasmin). I was shocked when I read the news and knew that it was not Marian because Alfred’s wife is really beautiful (I think she is more beautiful than Marian, haha) and she’s really young at the age of 22. Alfred is so blessed to have her. 🙂

Posted on June 5, 2011

parehas silang maganda pero.. mas gusto ko kay marian na mukha.. pwding sophisticated pwd ring jologs pwd fierce .. sya purely pang sosyal lang…

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