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Last Tuesday 7.13.2010 was so memorable! For I got two unwanted guest during the day. Their timing were soooooh perfect ! As I’m  suffering from a stiff neck and severe headache that day due to my high BP. Aargggh!

Hack Boy was the first to arrive. Zenkx – my co-blogger, was the one who informed me about his arrival. She was totally frickin as she was telling me about the visit of HackBoy. “My blog was HACKED!” she exclaimed!

I told her to relax as I looked into her site. (frickinjoy.com). She indeed have the right to be shocked, as her blog was re-faced! Her main page was all black, and all I can see was a red devil icon, the word HACKED in the middle, and its obnoxious introduction, all in RED!

%Server Error in 404 =HaCk Boy
Your Security…Get DoWn!. Forbidden
[[where the Security is none]]
…. Free U’r Mind

Sensing that this isn’t one of my lucky day, I rapidly check my other blogs, since we’re under one account on my host. And Holy Camote! Just as I’d expected! All my blogs have been refaced! (websaytko.com, marjonelle.com and ukay2.com). T’was so devastating! I really, really, really don’t know what to do! Its all unexpected, not to mention the headache I have makes it all worst.

I have no choice but to ask for support with my hosting company. Luckily, they’re fast enough to restore a backup to two of the 4 blogsites. Unfortunately, (or weirdly) they don’t have a backup for my main blog (websaytko.com and zenkx’s frickinjoy.com).

Good thing I know Kevin of myamats.me, the tech guy who’s responsible for restoring the remaining two sites before BLACKOUT spreads all over Luzon because of typhoon Basyang.

Moral Lesson:

The most important of ALL! Be sure to have a BACKUP! (themes, sql, script, photos, everything that’s important for that matter..)

Logout to your blog/email/im’s whenever you leave your computer (specially when inside an internet cafe)

Use/Make/Create a STRONG password (add symbols ex.^&#_;<$”)

UPGRADE of softwares used in your blogs/site.

Avoid PHISHING sites or replying to emails that ask for your personal info.

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4 thoughts on “HackBoy then Basyang”

  1. @fjordz – thanks for sharing this to your blog readers too!

    @azrael – truly bro! ika nga eh, if we bloggers have the passion to blog, its the same as the hackers, they also got the passion to hack

    @Thefanboyseo – your absolutely right on the spot bro!!!

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