Oppai Mousepads

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Oppai Mousepads

It really feels comfortable having log furniture at home, especially with if  it’ll be place right in our living room! This is probably the reason why I thought of looking for a mouse pad made of wood as well. I checked out the computer stores in a mall near our place, but i’ve never found any.

I then visited “Comic Alley”,  it’s a store in SM mall which sells anime stuffs here in the Philippines. While checking out the mouse pads they have, my eyes got sucked by these alluring 3D mouse pads… But I thought twice about before buying it, prolly to protect my reputation, and haven’t enough guts to bring the item to the counter , argh! (^_^“).

I then researched through the internet as to what those mousepad’s are. They’re called “Oppai Mousepads”… I also checked out what “OPPAI” means by the way… Oppai (hiragana) = (milk, informal) milk / (anatomy, informal, slang) breasts; tits, according to http://www.wiktionary.org. (Be careful saying that word out in the public :))

I wonder who’s idea this is, one thing for sure it’s from japan, and it has captured a lot of interests (specially those anime fan out there like I do) :). I’m thinking about buying one soon, talk about mouse “palm rests”, these things would greatly help *evil grins*.

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Leave to the Japanese to find a way to put breasts on everything :p

haha! As in everything lol!

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