Darth Vader is now a bank robber

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Darth Vaders robs a bank

I have this certain fondness towards cosplaying, though I have not cosplayed yet, I can see how fun it is through camcorder shots in youtube. It’s so clear, and you can see how big their[cosplayers] smiles are, as they bring to life different characters from movies and cartoons. Most specially Japanese manga or anime.

In cosplaying you may choose to be a hero or a villain, but this creative robber from Chase Bank in New York (Image above), chose the evil side and played as Darth Vader. The first time I’ve seen this posted in my facebook I thought it’s just another comedy act, even the Bank’s customer thought it was just a joke until he was ordered to drop.

Darth Vader seemed to have suffered the recession and got desperate enough to rob a bank, to refuel his ship maybe. According to news, Darth Vader escaped using a motorbike instead of a ship, and the only clue the police have at the moment is he’s 6-feet-tall.

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