Kick-ass Movie Review

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IT IS KICK-ASS!… I have never been in any movie house for a long time now. This generation has kept me stuck in front of PC’s 90% of the time. I spend some of my time reading, especially at carinsurancelist blog where I got to read a lotta new things about car safety.

Last night, me and my bro watched this Kick-ass movie, which has a Kick-ass storyline, and a Kick-ass approach to the audience, especially teens (Ehem, made me feel way back too). Oops! I guess I used “Kick-ass” as an adjective too much for this movie.

But who wouldn’t?? This movie was indeed a Kick-ass movie, in fact the title is “Kick-ass” :).

The movie was released here in the Philippines last April 2010, but I happen to watch it just yesterday night, I have never heard of the movie, even any of its advertisements. That night I realized how fun it is to watch a movie without any expectations on it. Even my bro doesn’t know what the movie is about we just inserted the CD and prepared to get our ass kicked. And I say it did kick our ass immensely. (Note: I Loved Hit-Girl and you certainly would so specially if you love anime: P)

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