Heroes of Might and Magic Online

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Heroes of Might and Magic

I played most HOMM games (Started playing in 1999 HOMM:III), to those who’re familiar to it, it’s the Heroes of Might and Magic game and if that doesn’t ring a bell you’re in need of a  baby shower invitations to recall your youth, haha!

Back in the days where Command and Conquer and Starcraft:Broodwar scuffled for the best RTS (Real-time strategy) game, HOMM sneaked in and conquered the Turn-base game in their era.

I played HOMM:III, IV, and V, its just like playing in a chessboard, exchanging turns with your opponents and you can choose from different races, like Castle for the common humans, Tower for those who are spell fanatics and a lot more.

Oh hey! before I forget, the main reason I blogged this is to inform you guys that HOMM has already made it online!, and I’m playing it on Asia server :). If it’s the first time you’ve heard about this and you’re an HOMM aficionado, you’re prolly drooling now, what are you waiting for? let’s start playing! Its for FREE by the way!

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i also played this game before and its addicting enough to eat my whole summer days, few years ago.

@dimaks – ako starcraft at counterstrike lang nakahiligan kong laruin 😀

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