Pocketbike Racing

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pocketbike racing

As me and my kiddo Sean Kirk enjoyed watching the Underbone and Scooter race 3 weeks ago. I’ve notice that he was super duper excited when I told him that despite the bad weather and the wet tracks, the pocketbike category would push through.

I also notice the support of the parents of the riders. They make sure that their kids wear all the needed safety gears in this sports! Specially during this wet situation, where the tracks is very slippery. They pamper their rider with the proper suit, gloves, safety pads, and definitely the helmet. If ever this kids or the parents would get really really serious with this, they might consider adding an Arai Motorcycle Helmets in their armory.

After the race, We even went to meet the riders (aging as young as 7 up to 12 years old) and their bikes on their tents. They even allowed us to have have photos taken with their pocketbike, too bad Sean Kirk was too shy that time to sat on the bikes

More race photos! CLICK HERE!!!

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