Loonie – The Ones Who Never Made It

Posted by raredog in Anonythor, ... | 08.27.2010 - 1:46 pm

Loonie - The Ones Who Never Made It

That’s the cover of Loonie’s debut album (image above), who’s Loonie? If you have a lot of facebook-buddies who loves Fliptop, you’re prolly already familiar with him. Same goes to me, I only knew Loonie lately, that is when Fliptoppin` flooded my wall.

Fliptop, by the way is different from bow ties and is actually the name of a Rap Battle League here in the Philippines, where Pinoy rappers gather to compete. It’s a freestyle rap battle where they throw unrehearsed verses to trash talk their adversaries.

Back to Loonie’s album, I’ve actually got the info on the newspaper, what’s surprising is, he plans on releasing the album for free. Too bad it was not mentioned where to grab a copy :). Anyway if you wanna hear his rappin`, it’s already up on youtube 😀

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