Full of Bloggers at Fully Booked

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Bloggers Fiesta

I went at the Blogger’s Fiesta 2 days ago! Yeah I know this post is kinda late hehe! Anyways, the event was organized by my co-blogger Azraelthru meetup.com for the 11th birthday of Blogger.com. The venue was at the penthouse of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. And just as Az promise, there were lots of foods for all the attendees! I thought this was a no-budget party haha! Well, it was because  a lot of sponsors poured in to the last minute. We were munching an awesome 18 inch pizza from Greenwich, delicious donuts and coffee from Krispy Kreme, cheeseburgers from Jolibee, and other foodie that bloggers brought in. Wala nga lang H20 wahhh!

I found new acquiantance there! First I met Ria of sugarsmile.blogspot.com, then minutes later, I’ve met my fellow rider cum blogger Rommel of melardenio.com. That night was the first time that I’ve met him personally (after almost 2 years exchanging views online hehe).

Although am a bit sad bcoz I never won the 5,000 GC, I was hoping for it naman, kase my phone also got busted yesterday haha! Anyways, the party was successful. I think there would be a sequel in the near future. Di ba Az? 😀

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ayun oh…pose pose lang!!!

Hi! i saw you! coz’ i remembered the shirt!!! I laughed when I read it. “You looked better online” lolz!

@mel – ayos ba? peace sign pose pa hehe

@Lhen – it made me laugh too, that’s why I bought it from an ukay-ukay store hehe

Ang ganda naman ng pic namin. hehehe love it! Nice to meet you! 😀

@Ria – thanks din for the company. See you again!

wow sayang, sana kasama din ako sa pics dito 😛 sagabal kasi ang trabaho sa blogging events.

@dimaks – oks lang bro, me kasunod pa yan!!! next time kasama ka na dapat. si Rommel rider din at forumer ng mcp.

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