Customized your desktop with Bumptop

Posted by raredog in Anonythor, Techie St... | 09.11.2010 - 9:35 am


Today, I thought of my desktop as a whole mess. My icons, mouse pointer and my wallpaper, everything seemed boring.

Did I mention I’ve  changed my themes a few days ago? Guess it’s just me and my inane mood swings. So I thought of replacing my desktop theme, though I might find it boring again after a few days or so.

Good thing a friend of mine  who happen to get bumped into this desktop program also made me get bumped into the program called BumpTop!! The program name sounds crazy, yes, but it’ll give your desktop a whole new atmosphere. It made my desktop customizable and fun (“think of your desktop as your ROOM” in my point-of-view :).

It worked for me, prolly coz I’m  a moody techie who never got contented with different themes, with these program I can organize my stuff if I feel like it, and toss things around (literally ^_^) if I feel like it.

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