Resident Evil Movie and Game

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Resident Evil the Movie and Game

It was just a game in Playstation then came out several other versions of it. And ever since the first release of its movie in 2002 I’ve always organized my credit reports while waiting for its sequel.

I’m a fan of CAPCOM games since I started playing playstation, I’ve also played other CAPCOM games like Devil May Cry, but every time I play “Resident Evil” there’s always the adrenaline rush, and that’s exactly what I liked about it, and its definitely why it reached the big screen :). When the 1st movie of resident evil was launched I hurriedly watch it that is when I started to wait for the other parts of it. This year a trailer of Resident Evil was released (April, 2010) Resident Evil: AFTERLIFE, after watching the trailer I learned that the movie is to be shown here in the Philippines on September (It’s currently being shown in theaters as I blog this!). The story goes on following the ending of Resident Evil: Extinction (Last 2007) but this time the progenitor virus was scattered all over the world. The movie trailer also showed some familiar characters like Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker (Especially for us Gamers who has seen them in-game!). Also the kinds of enemies that were shown are very similar with the in-game monsters like the Majinis and the Axe Majini. I can say that the movie is the game RESIDENT EVIL 5 itself.

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