The new and improved CELESTIAL LUNA

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Finally its back online! Celestial Luna came back last August 22, 2010, and yes this is a bit late, I got busy looking for the best treatment for arthritis out there and luckily I’ve found it after just a few clicking ^_^, anyway I’m sure there’s a lot of you who’s not aware of Celestial Luna’s come back…Celestial Luna is a private server of Luna Online.. The game is similar to the local one but this server has a x50 drop rate and x150 exp rate … and you could access all maps and fight bosses that drops super loots!!

I’m a player of Celestial Luna, I’ve made many high level characters in the game but all these were gone after the game wiped out their database because of hacking issues, and other several concerns like Characters having Max Gold Capacity of only 4BILLION, characters in an account can only have one gender, etc, etc. Because of this the staff of Celestial Luna decided that they will be having a downtime to resolve these issues which started last year August 2009. Many players didn’t agree to this, but the only thing we could do is wait and after a year of waiting (Actually I thought it already died ^_^) Celestial Luna came back with all of the issues resolved. They fixed the 4B gold bug, daily database back ups and many more. I could say, my wait for Celestial Luna is worth it and even if it is still in alpha phase I really like what they did to the game and now I’m playing again I created my favorite character a Blade Taker that is now level 110!! See yah online Celestia Players!

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