Silhouette of Indian Chief appeared on photo

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Do you like taking photos? Everywhere and anywhere? Have you ever seen strange or ghostly images on your pictures? I’ve been taking pictures many years now, so far I’ve found nothing unusual on my photos. As if I’m waiting? Nahhh! haha!

Then I saw this photo of a colleague. He was merely capturing the beauty of a dragonfly in low-light condition. The output was impressive! Fine details and exposure from different angles. But, ONE PHOTO SHOWS ADDITIONAL DETAILS!


It’s a perfect silhouette of an Indian Chief, which coincidentally was our logo for our group PnSer’s (Point-N-Shoot User’s).

Everyone marvelled! Nhald, the man who took this photo couldn’t believe it either on how and why the image of an Indian appeared. Nevertheless, I think its one great photo that we’ll all greatly remember.

Large image – CLICK HERE!

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Posted on October 8, 2010

my photo + YOUR IMAGINATION = ONE memorable moment…

@Nhald – thanks to your amazing photos bro! Keep on shootin!


Posted on October 22, 2010

Kuya Geri and Fafi Nhald teh best. =D

@joms – unusual occurrence di ba? hehe

thanks bro!

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