Jackass Movie in 3D

Posted by raredog in Anonythor, Raredog P... | 10.15.2010 - 3:35 pm

The outrageous gang of JackAss led by Johnny Knoxville are back on the big screen and now (cough!) in 3D. The wacko gang of JackAss brought a lot of new heavier and insane stunts even a steel building may have problems supporting them, whew! (good thing they have a 35 year warranty hehe)

The movie, made by MTV Films will be in theaters this October 15, 2010. Watch the trailer and see what the gang’s new addition to their daredevil acts. How’s riding a jet ski in a fountain that goes straight into a ramp, human-duck shooting and Bam Margera getting a hand out of nowhere. I checked a few forums about people’s expectation bout the movie, some are a bit pessimistic about the movie being in 3D, to be honest I don’t know how the 3D would affect this movie, but who knows, I guess each one of us gotta watch it on moviehouses where we got to wear 3D glasses haha!

Well anyway I’m sure its worth checking out, and Jackass is fun even in 2D anyway 🙂

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