Photowalk at Wawa Dam in Montalban Rizal

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Its a beautiful day to shoot!

PnSers at Wawa Daml

As 8 Indians (PnSers) braved to go to Wawa Dam last OCtober 16, despite the news that Typhoon “Juan” was furiously coming their way! The event was planned I think 2 months ahead. That’s why everyone were so excited to go, even it became a rain or shine situation, although we got Plan B, we still want to stick to the original plan, and that is to do the PhotoWawa (Phototowalk at Wawa Dam).

Photowalk at Wawa Dam in Montalban Rizal

Photowalk at Wawa Dam in Montalban Rizal

Good thing God blessed us with a very wonderful weather that day. We got cool wind blowing on us even if the sun shines brightly! The natives of Wawa Dam in San Rafael, Montalban Rizal were also nice. Kids and adults are kind and hospitable. Some even let us to take pictures of them, while others vibrantly greet us with a smile. 😀

Photowalk at Wawa Dam in Montalban Rizal

Photowalk at Wawa Dam in Montalban Rizal

Wawa Dam has a lot of scenic views to offer to photography enthusiast like us. There’s the dam of course, mini falls and river, giant limestones rocks that are abundant and some are as big as a two storey house, caves, fruits, insects, dews and plants, and of course the community. We were all busy with what we’re doing that we forgot about about lunch. We only ate when we’re about to leave the place, and that’s about past 3PM already haha!.

Photowalk at Wawa Dam in Montalban Rizal

Photowalk at Wawa Dam in Montalban Rizal

The Wawa experience is simply amazing! You can feel the rapport to each one of us (PnSers) as we walked, jumped, trekked, shoot, exchange tips and stories during the whole day we were there. We all went home happy and satisfied with wonderful photos and memories of Wawa Dam. And we’re definitely gonna do this again…and again…and again..

You can check-out my Flickr for higher resolution of the photos here.

and lastly, a short video of us at Wawa Dam

P.S. its 8 because Rhea (in aquamarine shirt) is still contemplating on joining her boyfriend’s passion :D.

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Posted on October 21, 2010

very nice bro! truly this is unforgettable experience. Sana maraming masasayang photowalks pa ang sumunod.

Posted on October 21, 2010

wow! very nice article. unforgettable photowalk talaga and hopefully we could do more in the coming months. 🙂

@edward25 and althea – thanks sis n bro! inspired lang ako sa grupo 😀

Posted on October 21, 2010

nice bidyo bro wish ko lang na nakasama ako dyan 🙂

Posted on October 21, 2010

very nice video kuya geri : )
nakaka miss yung PW dyan da wawa dam : )

nice pictures and video bro geri… sayang at missing in action ako…hehehe

next pw nalang ako sama..hehe

@scionism – don’t worry bro, there will always be a next time naman

@jackielou – bilis mo naman ma-miss, wala pang one week yun di ba? hehe

@alexis – thanks bro. ikaw kse eh nde ka sumama hehe. Congrats sa bago mong toy at memory! Aga krismas ah! 😀

Posted on October 22, 2010

wow! nice video. ang saya talaga natin sa PW na yan =)

@edwin_n – thanks bro!

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