Good Karma in just minutes

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., ... | 10.22.2010 - 10:49 am

I dropby to my favorite ukay-ukay shop along Katipunan Avenue last night. I happen to noticed the long line of people at the Lotto outlet beside the shop. I found out its because more than a hundred million pesos is at stake for the 6/49 lotto draw! I immediately get myself in the line to bet. Who knows!

Ok, the lotto thingy is not why I’m blogging this story. Its about the beggar(taong grasa) who got no solutions for acne that was sitting besides the lotto outlet. He was holding a cup and was asking for alms while making the hand gestures that he wants food to eat. I’ve been on the line for quite some time, and I didn’t saw anybody giving him anything.

I then gave him some loose change after I made my bet. Then the rain begins to fall! Since I got no rain gears, I prefer to stay there for a while, looking around at the nearby tiangge while waiting for the rain to subside.

At last, after around 15 minutes, the rain stops. I went now to my scooter and saw that my seat was wet all over. since I got no towel to dry it, I tried to get rid of the water with my hand.

Then suddnely from my left side, a man handed me a rag. He told me “Use this to dry it thoroughly or you may get your pants all wet”. On which i did. Afterwards, I gave him back his rag, thanked him and bid him good night.

The man who let me use his rag was no other than the beggar. I can’t imagine this man who was half-naked and hungry, still thinks about other people’s comfort rather than himself. Its Good Karma in just minutes! I might gave him a shirt next time. 😀

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