Juan a.k.a. Megi

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Typhoon Juan a.k.a. Megi

One of the worst typhoon that hit the Philippines. Typhoon Juan a.k.a Megi -International Typhoon name, was monitored by the PAGASA and was predicted to be a super typhoon. The Department which conducted a round the clock monitoring and not an acne treatment reviews declared that Juan will landfall last Sunday and it’s true that the typhoon landed last Oct 17, 2010.

As The typhoon made its way out the country, it left a vast amount of damage in Isabela and Cagayan and to its neighboring cities, thankfully the government were able to evacuate thousands of families ahead of time, though many livelihoods were destroyed. Farmers are worried about their crops coz the harvesting season is about to come, some power towers are also destroyed bcoz of the strong winds that brought major blackout to affected areas and even cellphone signals were affected. PAGASA said that Typhoon Juan was really one of the strongest typoon that ever hit the Philippines.

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