Making HDR image with Photomatix and CHDK

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Making HDR image with Photomatix and CHDK

This is my first successful HDR photo! (High Dynamic Range) With the help of course of PhotoMatix – an HDR Software. I’ve tried it a couple of times before but they’re all epic fail haha! Maybe because I’m doing it manually, meaning I’m taking 3 shots hand-held. Chances that I always have a shaky part on my shots because I’m adjusting the exposure settings for every shot…

This time I’ve used a tripod on the 3 shots I’ve made to make the HDR image above. (EV of -2, 0, +2 and Shutter Speed of 1/1244, 1/318, 1/60). I’m  happy with the output now, although the whole procedure is a bit long, its still rewarding in the end.

Now here’s the good news! I think I might cut the procedure in half as I’ve learned how to do it in just one press of the shutter button!

With the help of Bracketing and HDR method using CHDK. Exposure value would be adjusted automatically. All I need to do is focus the camera and press the shutter button.

In case you’re new to CHDK visit this site – CHDK_for_Dummies

Here how to do it via CHDK

This is a simple way to do luminance bracketing, using Tv (Time value) priority, without any knowledge of scripts. It’s a good option for in a hurry moments. Follow the recipe below:

* CHDK navigation:
o Press Alt to enter

o Extra Photo Operations / Bracketing in continuous mode / Tv bracketing value: 2 Ev

o Extra Photo Operations / Bracketing in continuous mode / Bracketing type: +/-
o Press Alt to exit
* +Remember to unhighlight clear Bracket Values on start to keep settings active
* Canon navigation:
o Put in Record Mode

o Put the mode Dial to P or select the Manual mode on cameras without a mode dial, e.g. on the Ixus series
o Press FUNC SET
o Navigate to Drive Mode / C ustom
o Press DISP
o Choose Delay: 1
o Choose Shots: 3
o Press FUNC SET to exit

You are now ready to shoot.


* The steps to set up and enter the Canon Custom Timer mode are camera specific and may be different…

* On power on the camera always starts in single shot mode, but the Delay /Shots – settings are stored, you only have to select the Custom timer mode again.

Some tips:

* If you can, use a tripod. It’ll avoid a lot of extra PP (Post Processing) work.

* Before the shot, halfway-press and hold the shoot button to adjust focus and light. Continue and press the shoot button fully when you are happy with the settings.

* Remember to take your finger or hands completely off the camera, if you are using a tripod. With this setup, there will be a short interval before the shutter actually fires.

* The camera will do the first shot with your ((P)ersonal) best light standards; then it will slow the Tv to +2 Ev equivalence and take a shot; and finally -2 Ev equivalence.

* If you want smoother intervals you should change the Tv bracketing value to 1 Ev and number of shots to 5. You will get the same interval with more steps.

Goodluck! Happy Shooting! 😀

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