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My DSLIt pays to be good to your neighbor. I remember the first time I went blogging, it was during my dial-up days. Speed was kinda slow but somehow manageable. Since all I got to do online is to check my emails, a little chat, and of course updating my blog. How I wish I could have a DSL connection.

Then one day a neighbor of mine asked me if I could look at her pc that doesn’t boot. I wasted no time and checked her cpu. In minutes her pc is already up and running after I’ve removed a stubborn boot virus. In return she offered me a free DSL connection, to which she didn’t have to ask twice because I gladly accepted her offer. Since I already have an existing utp cable. I’ll just needed some RJ45 and Cat5e Keystone jackthat will act as a coupler from my neighbor’s cable to mine.

I have enjoyed having my free DSL for about a year before I finally have my own. So what are you waiting for? Start making good gestures to your neighbors and get a free connection too. haha!

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