Canon PhotoMarathon 2010

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Canon PhotoMarathon 2010

Exactly 3 more days to go and I (together with 999 participants) would be filling-up the SMX Convention Center down at SM Central Business Park in Pasay City. For the Canon PhotoMarathon 2010!

You wouldn’t believe just how HOTTTT this event is! I guess because its an anticipated event of photography enthusiasts like me, who happens to own a Canon A710is hehe. Well, in just a matter of short notice, the alloted (1000) entries were filled, and the registration were closed. Good thing I filled-up a form right away after knowing about the event. In case they would accept more participant, you could try your luck and visit their site –

There will be Three categories for entrants:

1. Point and Shoot (Digital Ixus and Powershot) <<<this would be my category! watch out for me guys!!!! 😆

2. DSLR (EOS Digital)

3. Video

A day after I register online, I’ve recieved an email from Canon Philippines welcoming me as one of the lucky participant – Yipee! I’m really so excited as I watched youtube videos of previous Canon PhotoMarathon that was held in different countries all over the world. Imagine seeing and socializing with so many people of the same passion and hobby, and at the same time your competing with them kewl!

I’m glad Canon created an event like this. I luv yah Canon! Of course I’m not going by myself! I’m with my group. The Pnsers Camera Club! With the amazing talent our group had, I won’t be surprise if we’ll grabbed the top prize! I’m not one helluvah optimist, don’t I? haha!

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Posted on November 3, 2010

im so excited! good luck to all pnsers indian participants =)

gudlak sa atin ka-Pnsers

tapos na to diba? what happened? sarap magkaron ng dslr ano? hehe

@dimaks – yup, kahapon ito bro! Point N Shoot lang camera ko. – Take a peek here

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