Tron: Legacy – Sneak Preview

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Tron: Legacy

Imagine after 28 years, one of my favorite sci-fi movie had created a sequel! I still remember watching it repeatedly on the betamax player together with my friends. I was referring to the Walt Disney movie “TRON“. Those flashing suits they’re wearing and all those neon-like lights that made the movie a hit among moviegoers during the eighties!

Lucky me for I happen to get an invites to the sneak preview of the sequel – “TRON: Legacy” last 28th of October at the IMAX Theater in North EDSA. The movie is much more colorful and the scenes are more techie and intensifying, plus Watching it on 3D had given it more Ooomph! Not to mention the sounds are far more better than the original! But what I love the most is the futuristic motorbike! Kudos to whoever designs it! It look so gnarly!

Can’t wait for the full movie to be shown this coming December 17 2010 at IMAX theaters!

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