Imitated but not Equalled


Inspired from the poster for the 4th Anniversary of FMCC and Tribute to Francis Magalona, with the theme “Filipinize the World” featuring my idol FrancisM wearing a bonnet while carrying with one hand his precious camera.

I was able to imitate it during one of PnSers photowalk. My collegues have fun that day as I became their instant model. They said I look more like a terrorist from the COUNTERSTRIKE game haha!

I remember the night before the photowalk, I was desperately looking for my balaclava, good thing I found it before the crowing of the rooster hehe! In fact I even went back for it after I leave house coz I forget to put it in my bag when I found it! 😀

Author: raredog

I'm a guy who has passion on computers, internet, and motorcycles. I'm also into photography and trike drifting. See you around!

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