Atimonan – The second time around

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This would be my second time to visit Atimonan, Quezon. The last time was 2 years ago. Im not that excited, unlike before. Two of my companions were the ones thrilled and excited for it would be their first time. 😀

The journey from Taytay,Rizal to Atimonan, Quezon is only 173 kilometers on my odometer, but it took us about 7 hours to reached it. Unlike when I rode to Baguio which only took me 6 hours albeit its much farther at 260 kilometers from Quezon City.

What made the trip longer aside from the usual pit stop and food stop was the stubborn rain. The rain pours mildly at Lucban then gradually increasing from Pagbilao down to Atimonan.


We initially planned to have a drinking session down at the beach, but since the waves were not so friendly, we made ourselves comfortable at the house of Richard’s grandma.

Outside the house looks like an ukay-ukay store, as we let dry all of our raincoats, jerseys, pants, socks and even shoes haha!

We were hoping for a brighter tomorrow for our ride home, but we woke up in the morning with still a bad weather, that made us think that we postpone the ride until the rain subsides. Local folks said nothing to worry since there’s no typhoon. Its just a typical rain. But for us it look more of storm. After a few hours, the sun shone, yipee! We hurriedly packed our things and bid goodbye to Richard’s grandma.


This time we’re all hoping that we won’t get wet until we reach our houses. We made a short stop-over at the Mermaid statue for some photo ops, and hurriedly went back on the road. A few minutes later, with just a few kilometers of riding, rain pours again, not a drizzle but heavy rains, as if there was really a was a storm. In just a matter of seconds, we were all wet again.

Good thing we put on our raincoats ahead. We then continue riding, even there’s this heavy rain. Wattaheck!

Bottomline, we all have fun during the whole ride, we love the food, the people, and the stunning landscapes and zigzag roads of Rizal, Laguna, and Quezon Province.

Its only my soaking socks and feet that’s been whining during the whole ride haha!

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