Phillipine Lotto’s Biggest Jackpot at 741M

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grand lotto winner

This is definitely the biggest Christmas gift a person could ever receive here in the Philippines.

A very lucky person from Olangapo City has just won the Philippines 6/55 Grand Lotto two days ago (11-29-10), its definitely a bye-bye to his/her payday loans, and just an hour later after it was announced, lots of pinoy blogs and twits (Thru twitter) mushroom the online community of stories and updates.

Have I already mentioned that the prize amount is half a billion pesos? 741 Million Pesos! Or almost 17 Million Dollars!

If I’m going to put myself in his/her shoes, I might think twice if this is truly a gift, or a big problem haha. I bet I’ll get really really paranoid, and the way I checked how to get the prize money, there is no way you can hide the truth by yourself! Im sure lots of paparazzi would be waiting for the winner!

Coming from Margie Juico, Chairperson of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) the winner should sign his/her name on the back of the ticket before bringing it to the treasury section of PCSO in Pasay City. In case the winner does not want to go personally he/she can be represented by a lawyer with a special power of attorney. Either way, the winner will need to entrust his profile to someone ^_^.

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