From Facebook to Toonbook

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Facebook campaign against child violence

You’re probably wondering why most of your friend’s in Facebook uses Cartoon profile pics. It’s just the same way I did when I opened up my account this morning Facebook became Toonbook for some reason.

I took a bit of researching to get the root of it, and I got these identical messages in Facebook (image above) being tagged to many people. It suggests people to change their profile pictures to cartoons as part of the “Campaign Against Child Violence”. I changed my profile pic too, to support it aside from the reason of hiding my severe acne from my real profile pic 🙂 hehehe.

But honestly I never did find the root of it ^_^. Through googling, it says it’s a “Facebook campaign against child violence” but as I have checked it’s not the Facebook Developers who started it. Most of the results came from individuals forwarding the same messages.

There’s only one explanation out there though which is entirely different. Claiming that the origin of the message came from Greece and Cyprus. And that the original message was using another font style 😀

A?? 16 ??? 20 ??????? ?? ????????? ???? ??? ??????????? ??? ?????? ???, ??????????????? ??? ?? ?????? ?????????? ???? ??? ???????? ??? ??????. ?????? ????? ??? ?????????? ????? ?? ??? ??????? ????????? ?????????? ??? ????? ????? ??? Facebook

It’s still being evaluated though, but if you wanna see what it means check it  HERE!

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