Danio’s to Danyos

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Susana Danio British Case

Headlines and newspapers in London took a break from www.bestweightlosssupplements.org and started throwing interest on the case of a Filipina maid against her British employer instead.

Susana Danio from Pangasinan, is one of the three(3) maids who’ve had unfair dismissal from their employer. Her employer is Marie Chantal, who is actually the daughter of US Duty free Billionaire Robert Miller, and is also related to the British Royal Family after marrying Prince Pavlos of Greece.

Hard as it seems for someone who just finished High School, Susan Danio is determined to clean her name. She was accused of having rude behavior and theft. According to Danio a British friend advised her to file a case regarding the illegal dismissal.

And after months of court proceedings, Danio won her case, where she received 7,500 British pounds. Danio stated that she has no resentment against her employer because Marie Chantal never treated her bad in any way. But her employer was just brainwashed by a senior staff due to jealousy.

In the end, Susana Danio wins the case and was danyos paid. At least a happy ending 😀

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