Raredog accidentally visits Tinandog

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Raredog accidentally visits Tinandog

On our way home from our overnight stay at Atimonan. While gently cruising along the highway, my co-rider Richard abruptly decreased his speed and then turn to the other side of the road to park.

The group wonder what happened, as we all stopped and parked our bikes. Then we finally knew what was happening after we approached Richard. He stopby to where he used to wander during his childhood and asked people around for the whereabouts of his childhood friend Virgilio or much more known as “Bilyo” by campers and mountaineers.

Why campers and mountaineers? Its because Bilyo whose the caretaker of the world renowned Tinandog Heights famous for its Tinandog Wall that is frequented by local and foreign wall climbers, mountaineers, campers or even just plain tourist that want to experience mother nature.

That’s the reason why we’ve accidentally have an instant tour of Tinandog haha! Even though were in a hurry, we won’t missed this opportunity to get a glimpse of the said Tinandog Wall. Bilyo toured us around the area and of course to see the great wall as well. We trekked for about 50 meters then reached a nipa hut.  Although a bit exhausted. We were astonished by what we saw. Nature at its best in just a short journey. Abundant tall coconut trees, clear and drinkable stream, green surrounding of different kinds of plants and of course the colossal Tinandog Wall.

If only we got more time to stay, I would like to explore more of Tinandog Heights. But after a short chit-chat and photo session with Bilyo. We bid him farewell and good luck on taking care of this wonderful spot in Quezon.

I picked one limestone to take home as a souvenir. 😀

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we can still go back bro…just text away and the scheds are free…

cge bro, pero parang maganda sa East naman or sa West hehe. mejo bugbog na sa akin ang South at North eh 😛

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