Gore Type movies are IN

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gore type movies are in

Everyone of us has its own genre of movie. Women prefer to watch romantic movies such as Dear John, Letters to Juliet and so many more. Children prefer to watch adventurous movies like Journey to the middle of the earth, The city of Ember, Harry Potter etc, etc.

But recently, a new genre of movie has started to attract women and children and that would be the gore type of movies you can see them mostly at movie review sites. I tried looking for it there most of the time.

Gore-type movies are full of brutal killing and without any hesitations, then taking out the innards of the people they’ve killed and then eating it. These are some recent movies I’m talking about, some of them are currently on screen. Saw chapters 1-6, Saw Final Chapter, Babysitter Wanted, Piranha, Wrong Turn chapters 1 and 2. Try them, your kids might like it as a Christmas present haha (By the way to add to the coolness of it, Saw Final Chapter and Piranha are on 3D). Enjoy watching! 😀

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