Bombing on Christmas Day – WTF!

Posted by raredog in Anonythor, ... | 12.26.2010 - 12:01 pm

Philippines, Zamboanga City, Jolo is known by the military as the Abu Sayyaf’s territory and actually claimed as the Abu Sayyaf’s main base.

As most of us Filipinos enjoys our school vacation, like i do from a medical assistant school and as we go to hear mass with our families to celebrate Christmas. Last Saturday on Christmas day itself. A very heartsickening incident occured in a Church in Jolo, beside Camp Asturias (Police camp).

An explosion to the right side of the church’s roof, caused a some people to get injured, even the priest who’ve led the Christmas morning mass (Father Ramon Villanueva) fell wounded.

The local police of Jolo apprehended a man for questioning after the incident, it was still unknown who have caused the bombing.

I am still thankful somehow, knowing that there were no seriously injured or deaths in the explosion. To those responsible to this inhumane incident, peace be with you. I hope you still got conscience in your head.

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