Right timing – Wrong timing

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Yamaha Membership Card

About noon of Friday the 24th of December I got an unexpected Christmas present delivered by an LBC messenger. I considered it a present since it was on a box hehe. Right timing for the season.

Its actually a Yamaha Club kit yipee!!! Inside the box was a club brochure, a nice glossy sticker, a big Club patch, a shiny key chain and of course the most wanted Yamaha Membership Card which entitled me to all sorts of VIP perks and discounts on Yamaha genuine parts, apparel, oil and helmet.Isn’t that awesome!

Then on Saturday the 25th, whaddyaknow, my gas throttle cable snapped! The culprit? The kids caroller’s, they must’ve played with the throttle, since my scooter was parked outside the gate, right where they positioned themselves.

Right timing coz I got my Yamaha Club Card and wrong timing bcoz its already 8pm when I’ve discovered the snapped cable, Yamaha shops are closed by 5pm, and they would be close on a Sunday too. wahhh! No choice but to wait until Monday.

Wrong timing again as the nearest Yamaha 3S shop (Fairview to be exact) was still close that Monday. Due to the necessity, I ended up with an aftermarket throttle cable which I bought from a nearby motorcycle shop. Its brand was Marathon. I just hope it lasts. 😀

By the way, here is where you can register for your own Club card – Yamaha Club

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