AI Season 10 without Simon Cowell

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AI Season 10 without Simon Cowell
AI Season 10 without Simon Cowell

FOX TV, the broadcasting company behind the hit musical-comedy TV show GLEE, has already revealed the schedule for its much awaited talent search “American Idol”.

American Idol or AI, will be airing its 10th season this year on January 19, and here in the Philippines it will be shown in 2 parts, through QTV-11 on January 20 and 21, that’s Thursday and Friday. Watch it while seated on your chair with chair slipcovers for more comfy feel, like I do. 😀

What I’m really looking forward to is the audition part of the show (c’mon, don’t you? ;). Of course this is where we get really really amazed with the millions of different people registering for the show, hoping to grab a golden ticket to Hollywood :), some may be creepy, and very close to silly, and some are just damn surprisingly GIFTED 🙂

But there are other reasons to get hooked to American Idol’s new season, for one thing I’m thinking how the show will run now that Simon Cowell is gone from the scene, and how the new judges (Image Above With Randy Jackson) Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler which has created big names in the music industry would affect the show :).

And yes, I’m hoping for another Filipino-American to get a chance on American idol’s top 20! ^_^

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