I just had Sex

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I just had Sex

I’m really not into most western music. I just listen to pieces I’ve accidentally heard that has caught my attention, and if its rhythm is extremely catchy, and if its catchier than adult-acne.com I’d definitely remember its title (for me it’s rhythm first, then next is content/message of the song) ^_^.

This song caught my attention. I’m actually smiling as I blog this, Akon’s evilish-teasing smile is stuck on my head and his (The Lonely Island Featuring Akon) song caused me to have LSS (Last Song Syndrome). If you’re addicted to youtube you probably know already what I’m talking about ^_^.

The song caught millions of viewer already in youtube it’s at 37 million right now, and if you haven’t seen the Music Video of it yet, you’d be added to those millions of viewers soon. I’m surprised though that nobody’s complaining about the video, or maybe I haven’t research much about it yet. The only problem is if this will be heard by young people, and they get hook to it, worse case they might start singing the song with their fellow kindergartens :). (Hey the song title by the way is – I just had Sex (by The Lonely Island Featuring Akon)

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