Cosplay at Ateneo this 29th of January 2011

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Alodia Gosengfiao

Cosplayers in the Philippines will gather once again in this terrific event.

According to Alodia Gosiengfiao’s official facebook account (Image Above), the cosplay event will be on January 29 2011, that’s Saturday, at Ateneo de Manila High School, from 10AM to 4PM.

Another great thing is that Alodia will be there also, and I bet she couldn’t prevent herself from putting on an anime costume :). I wonder if Alodia is a fan of hoodia gordonii for she’s so sexy! I can still recall when she does cosplayed Rei Ayanami before (she’s my favorite anime character) by the way she look hot anyway on every anime she portrays 😀 .

The entrance fee is amazingly inexpensive 🙂 PLUS you’d feel good paying for it coz it’ll all go to charity – “Tulong Dunong” as indicated in Alodia-chan’s Fan page in Facebook.

I really hope I can be there, unfortunately Sunday is my only restday :(. I’ll just wait for pictures to pour down on Alodia’s FB as usual then..

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