Zuckerberg Facebook account hacked

Posted by raredog in Anonythor, Techie St... | 01.28.2011 - 11:11 am

I heard this on the news last night, while treating my Offshore Injury as it made me focus on the news instead of the pain :). I’m quite interested as to what really happened, since the news just used a measly 3-5 minutes flash report about it, and not providing enough details.

I’m talking about the “Mark Zuckerberg Facebook account being hacked” issue (as mentioned on the news). I checked it out now via the internet, and it seem that “hacked” is just an specculation by most facebook users and the media :), since early that time the Facebook team has not released an official statement about it.

Anyways, it was already cleared out. According to Facebook Team, it was an API vulnerability (API wasn’t mentioned but as I’ve googled it, it means Application Programming Interface) due to its vulnerability, it has allowed the hackers to post messages from a public facebook account, that means, they never needed to know your username and password, they just post messages. So in the end it’s not much of a threat and the Facebook team declared it fixed anyway, whew.

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