Hot Air Balloon 2011

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Hot Air Balloon 2011
Hot Air Balloon 2011

We were there! Three of  us on motorbikes! We actually travelled 101 kilometers (Sta.Lucia Mall – Clark Pampanga) to watch this spectacular event at Clark.

Yeap it was spectacular alright, but we’re kinda dissapointed coz we arrived late, almost 8Am that Saturday morning. We were hoping to see at least a dozen balloons up in the sky, but there were only 3 left and they were already preparing for a their dismount.

Anyway, I had a few decent shots at the event to post at and of course here on my blog. Kudos to the event organizer as the whole place was literally filled up! vehicles were bumper to bumper, roughly more than a kilometer from the gate. Parking lots are full, and the people lining up the ticket lane were so looooonnnggg! (That we decided to just watch outside the fence haha!) Kita naman eh haha!

What I regret is that we’re not aware of the drag racing event that’s been happening that same day we were there, sheeesh! We easily got bored knowing the balloons would fly again at sunset. That’s why we just stayed for just a few hour then headed for home before noon.

And for that double-whammy regret, I’ve found out only this Monday that my amigo Tsito was one of the participant at the drag-race! Damn! If only I knew it ahead, I should have stayed longer.

Kudos to fellow pnsers Marsman, for he’s the one who shared photos from the Hot Air Balloon and drag racing event, not knowing that the one he’s taking photos is my kumpadre Tsito, who’s by the way is also a member of duh! Small world isn’t it! 😀

BTW here’s Tsito in action with his monster old school Toyota Starlet

Tsito's Starlet
Tsito’s Starlet Winning Moments

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nag papaning pa si chief!

@melardenio – hindi ko shot yung panning, that wonderful shot is from Marsman of bro!

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