PnSers Camera Club tries Photo Shoot

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Impersonating Castor Troy

PnSers Camera Club 1st ever photo shoot happened last February 26, after almost a month long discussion and preparation. Just like any beginner’s session, we encounter lots of minuscule problem, but instead of giving up easily, we try to make it to our advantage. What’s more important is that we experience it in our own little way.

Unfortunately, no one brings a costume, except me. I was a fan of Castor Troy (the cool villain in Face-Off portrayed by Nicholas Cage) that I manage to have something that will make me look like him (sort of, hehe) I got a nice black leather jacket, a scarf and a Rayban sunglass  (if only I got also that twin spanking gold pistol, that would really complete my getup. Good thing Vice Althea brought along a make-up kit. I did borrow her foundation stick haha!

By the way, here’s the real Castor Troy a.k.a. Nicholas Cage

So back to our photo shoot. Imagine the scenario – 15 people cramped in a small room, with one remote flash, two large umbrellas as diffuser, one (very hot)  spot light, and one small electric fan haha! (super low budgeted strobist haha!)

It all boils down to pure fun and happiness! But as you can see, everyone has some nice photos to share despite the situation. It just means that its really not the bow, but the Indian. 😀 BTW you can view more of the photo shoot photos here –

We took a late but sumptous lunch at about 1:30pm. Knightneo brought a big bilao of Pancit Malabon to the delight of the group. We actually made two sessions on our mini photo shoot. One in the morning and one in the evening. The latter session which was just after we came back from our mini photowalk at an event in UP Diliman, the Rev UP! Motorshow, but that’s another story. 😀

I also made some HD Movie with my Finepix S1800 during the photoshoot. Enjoy watching it!

Part I –

Part II –

Part III –

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