Pnoy state visit to Singapore

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Pnoy state visit to Singapore

While sitting on some atlantic furniture in a coffee shop and watching the evening news about the horrendous 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. When I remember this morning I came across this article  that our Philippine President’s has made a state visit to Singapore, whew! Good thing he wasn’t  in Japan.

He was supposed to tour a water reclamation plant when it’s only lift broke down. And so, our President undid his tie and started climbing 20 flights of stairs with the other members of the delegation following at his feet including Singapore Minister Lim Swee Say of the Prime Minister’s Office.

No matter where he is, President Noynoy is still being very in consistent with his image of being a non-high maintenance president, with the complete refusal to use police sirens on the streets when he travels, or the hotdog sandwich for lunch in US. Good job Mister President! Show the world that being a President doesn’t exactly mean you have special privileges. You can still act like an ordinary person yet still be important in the hearts of your countrymen.

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