Look Ma! I got Hair!

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Look Ma! I got hair!

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After sporting  skinhead for 15 years now, using  #2 and #1 grade clip guard during the early days, and with no guard at all on the last two years.  As you can see on my comic header image up  there. Though I just don’t like the idea of shaving it off all the way. 🙄

All these years, I thought my hair would not grow anymore. I even bought a toupee on Ebay 2 months ago, as I saw these cute Asian model who looks exactly like me. Awwww! lol

Not until this January when I decided to stop using my hair clipper and patiently wait for my hair to grow back. As if haha!

Well, whaddyaknow! In just a couple of months, it grew! 😆

It’s not that many and thick as it use to be, but it grew! And that’s what important haha! I now look more like my idol villain “Castor Troy“! That’s why I made this self-portrait as an evidence haha! Although this photo can easily be mistaken as a Novuhair or Newman’s advertisement lol!

You’ll be seeing this photo around the inet as I’ll be uploding this on 4 more sites! First on ukay2.com, as I’m wearing a sporty Kappa Jacket worth P150 pesos hehe. Second at pnsers.com at their Portrait thread. Third on my Flickr account and lastly on Facebook wapakkk!

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naku nakisabay ka pa sa pagpapalago..ako after 3 months ayoko na pala ng kalbo..hahahhaha

Posted on April 7, 2011

@melardenio – pansamantagal lang ito bro hehe. pm mko sa YM bro.

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