The Pack Rat

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Pack Rat
The Pack Rat

Ever heard of the term “pack rat”? A pack rat is usually given to a person who hates to throw things away. Their common motto? “You might never know when you need it”. The opposite of being a super neat freak, I think I would be more comfortable in a place where you can feel at home rather than someplace where someone is always worrying that you are messing up the place simply by moving those uncomfortable throw pillows or placing a juice glass on the table instead of a coaster.

The main problem for a pack rat is what to do with all the accumulated stuff that is part of “his/her” collection. The disorganized type simply stores the stuff all over the house while the most methodical of the batch usually finds someplace to store their stuff. It can be a room in the house where they can stay in from time to time to gaze at their collection or they can simply pay for extra storage space. Moishe’s Self Storage Chicago provides moving to/from the room and mobile storage services in IL for $29/month.

While some would consider the pack rat syndrome to be some kind of dysfunctional syndrome, TV reality shows have actually made a lot of money out of this kinds of people by cleaning out their houses and donating all the stuff to garage sales where “One man’s trash is another one’s treasure“.

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thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis weeeeeeeeeeeb-siiiiitte iiiiiiiiiiiiis uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggly!I MEAN IT

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