Animal obesity, the next health crisis?

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animal obesityanimal obesity

HEADLINE: Animal obesity, the next health crisis?

I love pets! And so does my friends. Either we have a dog or a cat, a combination of both or a battalion of each.  But one thing in common, most of our pets are kinda fat. Ok fine, not just “kinda” but they’re really really fat. Even though they just ate three (3) small meals a day, they still blow up.

Maybe the cause is not in the frequency of their meals but in the actual meal itself. With the advent of dog foods and cat foods in the market that promise to provide all the necessary nutrients to your pet, it’s no wonder pet owners are entice to buy these. Not only its good for their pets, but because it  does not spoil easily and makes feeding their pet more convenient.

Weight loss pills that work fast for animals or pets wasn’t invented yet, Isn’t it? Or we really have to make them diet and undergo exercises? 😀

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