Beach Party RX93.1

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Yeah!!! just got my last hurrah for this summer. I was one of the lucky participants (am I? or was just a “sabit”, hehehe, whatever..) of RX 93.1 “One Last Time This Summer” The RX Beach Party!!!

My mountaineer and diver friend Eric was the one who invited me to join them, “coz they lack one member to thier group”. Her sexy and pretty friend Gilda was actually the winner for the invites. She’s with her macho and friendly hubby Raymund.

The venue is in Camayan Beach Resort, inside the SUBIC FreePort Area (very near Ocean Adventure). The place rocks!!! Nice beach and cottages, very cozy bar with reggae music playing and the best of all it’s sunny!

It was my first time going to an RX93.1 – outing, and I would say I really enjoyed it. I was on Bus #2, on-board with 3 of the cutest DJ’s of RX93.1 . The tall and sexy DJ Sonia, my crush and titilating DJ Francesca, and the hunk and fafable DJ Boom.

Eric and myself belongs to the Green Team with DJ Boom as our Team Captain (which he played well) , and we participated with all the activities. We tagged in the Kayak racing in which Green team was the 2nd placer, and the highlight of the activity… the volleyball, which we won with “no sweat” at all. hehehe!!! Thanks for the inspiring words I got from DJ Fran, she said “GO OUTTHERE AND KICK SOME BUTT”!!!

Over-all , our whole day was fun, great foods, gained some new friends, met RX DJs, had our bodies the much needed exercise by joining all the acitivity, and also got some nice tan.

All I can say is let’s do it again FOCKERSSSSS!!!!

P.S. After seeing DJ Sonia in her bikini, I really think it was really her on the invites. Whaddya think? Check also the short-movie I’ve captured during the obstacle course.


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Gilda Posadas
Posted on June 2, 2006

Hi Geri! lupet ng website mo I’m impressed! Next time that I win any of RX’s promo consider urself automatically invited hahaha. It was really nice meeting you. Any of Eric’s amigo is mi amigo na din… wink wink. Pa send naman yung ibang pix namin ni raymund pati ung with DJ Boom Boom Baby… Thanks for tagging along Bro ur such a sport. Bye take care.

Tnx for the compliments, and sorry for misspelling ur name, but don’t worry I already corrected it. Punta ako this sunday at Eric’s place, dalhin ko yung complete photos natin, hirap kse i-upload lahat eh, sobrang laki nung files, isama ko na lahat pati na yung scandals, hehehe. BTW pakibigay na lang yung link ng site ko sa mga RX DJ’s. Tnx and sana lagi kang manalo…hehehe 😀 regards to Raymund.

Posted on June 6, 2006

Hey mates… Dennis here, been there at RX Beach Party!!! Enjoy diba? hehe

Ka team ba kita bro? Sa Grrrreeenn Team ako eh, captain namin si DJ Boom Gonzales….

Posted on June 16, 2006

yep ka team mo ako!

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