First Yamaha Club Day at MOA by the Bay

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Thousands of Yamaha motorcycle owners/riders trooped once again at the Mall of Asia (MOA) or MOA by the Bay for the first ever club day of the notorious Yamaha Club last May 14, 2011. Yeah I know its late again coz its included on my backlogs hehe.

Exclusive members like me we’re pampered with lotsa freebies and schwags that day. Food and drinks, high-tech bench massager, electronic games, free frame photos and t-shirts, and many more. I actually got two tees. One from the Test Ride and another as premium giveaway for Yamaha Club members. But the best freebie experience I got was the pure adrenaline rush Zipline! As you can see on the video above, care of BidyoKo Productions.

Loud and titillating concert by Playgirl and magnanimous fireworks display grace the evening whist the raffling of three brand new Sniper MX, Yamaha’s newest flagship was the one most awaited for by all the riders.

Yamaha also announce benefits members can experience with their membership cards that can also be utilize as a discount cards to numerous establishments (Automatic Center, Rudy Project to name a few).

So what are you waiting for? Apply now for a free Yamaha Club membership here – and join us on more upcoming fun events like this. 😀


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