Thank You For Making Mio Number 1

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Thank You For Making Mio Number 1
Thank You For Making Mio Number 1

Yamaha Motor Philippines tag line for their famous motorcycle – Yamaha Mio!  – Mio I, Mio II, Mio III, Mio IV, Mio Sporty, Mio Soul, Mio Amore, Mio Fino.

Yup they’re absolutely right about it. You can see Mio’s all over the place. Public roads, villages, race tracks, motor-shows, and even palengkes, or just about anywhere. Mainly because of its fantastic designs, low-maintenance, numerous aftermarket parts, fuel-efficiency and great performance. Those are the major factors that capture the heart of every Filipinos looking for a suitable motorcycle for their transportation needs.

Thank you for making Mio No. 1 to BIKE NAPPERS !

Yup! Another absolute fact! According to some street stats and blotters. Yamaha Mio is also the No. 1 choice of bikenappers. Added to the major factors above, the Mio is also lightweight (can easily be transported by two medium built guys to a pick-up or a van). Then can be disassembled immediately and be sold cheap to the black market.

Just recently an office-mate of mine got their Yamaha Fino bikenapped as he and his wife were eating inside a restaurant in Angono, Rizal. He told me that bikenapping was rampant in their town and that it seems the local police hasn’t doing anything to curb the situation.

Let’s all hope Yamaha would do something about the situation and help out their customers who bought their products with their hard-earned money. After all, their sales would somehow be affected, as would be buyers of Mio would think twice before buying the famous scooter, thinking they might loose it to bikenappers.

Always secure your Yamaha Mio. Leave the handlebar on the lock position and  chain lock your rear or front tire whenever your parking it . Or better yet invest on an alarm system to wade-off would be bike napper.

P.S. Boss Teddy (Rocksteddy) pumasyal ka naman sa Lagro. Daming naka Mio dun. Isa na ako hehe.

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