Paintograph of Pets

Posted by raredog in Geri Barcelona Photo... | 06.30.2011 - 11:33 am

Just a follow-up from my yesterday’s post about paintography. You can almost adapt it to any subject that you like. Be it a landscape, still life, flowers, trees and animals or pets. Just like my samples here of a stray cat and a Yorkshire Terrier



Actually, you can also try it on big animals like horse and elephant, even a horse equipment or dragon dungeons if you like haha. Only your imagination are your boundaries in making wonderful paintographs. Use Photoshop CS and Topaz Lab Clean 3 Filter for an amusing result.

As you can see below, the “pusakal or stray cat” turns into a shimmering cat after being treated with the Clean 3 Filter of Topaz Lab.

before and after

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