Pnsers Photowalk in Boracay

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pnsers at puka beach boracay
I’ve finally set my foot on the notorious island of Boracay! Its a dream come true for me! Its actually the grand prize from San Miguel Pale Pilsen that I’ve won last month.

Together with three members of PnSers Camera Club (Nhald, Fat Joe and Ace Creativemind). We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights at the renowned La Carmela de Boracay.

The moment we went out of our hotel room just past 3pm, we went on a shooting rampage haha! Shooting anything beautiful on sight, with emphasis on the triple “B” (beach, boats and babes)haha!

There’s never a dull moment as we stroll along the shore from Station 1 to Station 3 and back. Not giving attention of the time, we went back to the hotel almost midnight haha!

The next day was much more demented! Just after breakfast, around 8am, we’re already out in the beach to shoot! After walking and shooting until 10am, we board a local boat for a 4 hour island hopping around the island of Boracay and its nearby islets like Crystal Cove, Alligator Island and Puka Beach to name a few. We don’t know how our bodies last that long (shooting, swimming, diving, walking) but I remember we slumped to our bed way past midnight.  :d

You can check-out my Flickr account for more of my Boracay Photos!

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