Yup I do planking!

So I joined the fad and started doing some planking!




It was actually the planking photos of my co-blogger cum planker “Diey Teodoro” on Facebook that inspired me to do it. For others this whole thing is kinda stupid, but for us artistic, its one way to spend something creative and above the norm haha!

Planking is also a quick alternative when the usual posing in front of the camera has become too boring for you! 😀  I’m sure one of these days planking would be a part of the more elite sports psychology programs geared for fitness success! Look it up at Guide to Online Schools for more information.

And its actually easy, no props needed. Just go any place, just remember the equation (more publicly + more dangerous = awesomeness). Then lie on your stomach face down, with both arms straight on your side and just wait for your partner to have a good shot and that’s it! You’re done in 3 – 5 seconds.

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