At kumulo dugo nila sa Kulo Art

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kulo art

With old techniques like using a brush to paint or some laser ink cartridges are considered as an underrated medium for art. The new generation is now thinking of new ways to express their beliefs, emotions and philosophies. Arts works made up of kisses, painted by dogs and horses and created using coffee stains are among the most unique stuff you’ll find in the internet. And one of the most controversial here in the Philippines is the “Kulo” exhibit which is personally detested by the church and is labeled blasphemous and sacrilegious featuring images and pictures of Christ defaced in may different ways and forms.

Personally, I have yet to form an opinion to this matter because a side of me understands the artists’ intentions of showing the current disfigurement of Catholicism by today’s modern times even though the Catholic church may not want to admit it. But the catholic side of me also has firsthand experience on how much veneration is given for this particular religion. How about you? What is your stand? Kumulo din ba dugo mo? 😀

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