Paris Hilton is Manny Pacquiao business partner

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paris hilton and manny pacquiao

Philippines was mesmerize by the Hollywood socialite, Paris Hilton when she visited Manila for a week to open her boutique in some popular malls. She’s really like a live Barbie doll! It was nice to noticed that she’s so delightful to meet her fans. She had opened a store of bags and apparels. I wonder how much her goods are,  hope not too expensive. I guess sexy cheerleading uniforms would also be a good line from her as she was obviously a sexy woman.  Cheerleading costumes may soon to have a new appearance if she designs it.

She was invited by the Pacquiao couples who she became close after she watched one of Manny’s fight. She left Philippines last night. Goodluck to your new business Paris. I really really envied Pacquiao in this photo! PakyAwwwwww! Awooo awooo awooo!

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Ringside with Manny would be interviewing the boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, who is running for Congressman in Sarangani. If you could ask him a question about his candidacy, what would it be and why? Here’s your chance to ask.

Hmmmm. How bout when will he retire in boxing? I think he achieved everything that any boxer would wish to achieved in their career.

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