Coffin like room

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coffin like room

Can you ever imagine yourself living in such a tiny space and calling it your home? Apparently some people do, and it is even becoming a trend in japan that they rent out rooms the size which is slightly bigger than a large coffin but complete with air-con and TV sets and light controls. I guess when you have no choice when it comes to short term and cheap accommodations, the best thing to do is to maximize the space available. Use beds which can double as sofa for when you have guests, install Howard computer cabinets and hidden ironing boards. Do some research on the net to find ways on how to maximize your area and yet still make the place looking and feeling like home sweet home.

Anyway, just accommodate your visitors outside if you don’t want to feel like sardines 🙂

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Posted on February 9, 2012

I think it’s just a place for them to take a nap at around lunch time so they can be more effective on their job.

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