New photos of my mamachari

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Another batch of photos from my Mamachari series.

The first photo I made with “Biko” which I titled “Biko Bamboo” I made it look like it was an old photo taken during the post-war era in Vietnam. The bamboo at the background made it more Asian-looking isn’t it?

But it’s actually a failed old-photo since as you can see I was wearing a digital watch on my wrist hehe.

So if ever you’ll want to mimic an old photo, be sure that no elements inside your picture are from the future haha!
old biko
The second photo is inspired from my childhood dream. To become invisible! And this I think I succeeded haha!

Its actually an HDR post-processed picture made from 3 shots of different exposure value and was merged into one, then of course erasing my skins to show the background and made it look like I’m an invisible man haha! Dream come true at last!
invisible man


And for my finale, my mamachari in full view of its craftsmanship, with a long and winding road at the background makes it more classy that fits on a men sports magazine ad space lol!
mamachari 4

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